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Head fulla Blood
Heart fulla Dreams
Eyes fulla Fire
Mouth fulla Steam
Hand fulla Beats
Fist fulla Mic’s
Chest fulla Shots
Gut fulla Knives
With a Head fulla Blood
And a Heart fulla Dreams
With an Eye fulla Fire
And a Mouth fulla Steam
With Hand fulla Beats
And a Fist fulla Mic’s
With a Chest fulla Shots
And a Gut fulla Knives

I don’t write for the choir (I am not the preacher)
I’m a dead man talking through knife on fire
With every breath that I leave in this graveyard
Hope it’s best that I sleep at my headstone
What’s in a namesake? What’s in a safe home?
Is it a sanctuary? Or is it a payphone?
Tied to a gun on safety
Dial Fahrenheit 9/11
Save ME
You're hungry like the cries of an animal
I’m hungry like the eyes of a cannibal
When I look in your direction, ATTENTION
Hook, Line, and Tension
And there’s more young & broke
Sore tongue and throat
Frozen ghost in a hot shell
Newborns lukewarm for the overdose
Give it to Mikey?
I’ll eat anything and shit lightening

Dead to the World, Fed to the others
Die on the vine from divine inner-struggle
We stand side by side and still lie with each other
Like “eye to eye lovers” eyelids never flutter
My sister is MY keeper My brother is asleep
My wrists are getting weaker from holding up the weak
Cross paths with the devil and walk like a God
Spit germs on a planet and hope it evolves
But I’m a mere mortal
Ignorance is my order, Common Sense is my bliss
I don’t fear what I can’t see
Seen a ghost turn to a man and plant feet
Seen that same man turn to a blank sheet
Cry in the rain, Talk to the wind
Fire in my veins, Dry Ice in my grin
Bloody Eyes young banshee screaming to see 25
Phoenix take flight, if I crash then watch the rubble rise

Fall asleep to the cries of a maniac
Break a leg to beat of your own drum
Be the 13th sign of a zodiac
You pray to God even though he won’t come
Fall asleep to the cries of a maniac
Break a leg to beat of your own drum
Be the 13th sign of a zodiac
Don’t believe in death even though it will come


from Hand Over Fist, released September 23, 2008


all rights reserved



Mike Mictlan Minneapolis

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